Our Products

CW Pacific Pty Ltd is a stockist supplier of quality specialty raw material ingredients to the food industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Our product range includes a diverse range of dietary fibres, natural food protection ingredients and phosphates, that are independently tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

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About Us

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Nathalie Zanet

Nathalie Zanet is qualified with a Masters for Business & Marketing. She joined the team in January 2018 and is the Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. Nathalie brings a wealth of experience to CW Pacific as she has worked in domestic and overseas markets.

For technical sales and innovation projects support in Australia & New Zealand please contact Nathalie, nathalie@cwpacific.com.

Azem Jeka

Azem Jeka is qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Tech) focused in Food and Nutrition from RMIT and is skilled in Food & Beverage and Food Science. He joined CW Pacific in 2015 as a Technical Sales Representative and has over 17 years’ experience in the fields of R&D, Quality Assurance, Product Management and Technical Sales.

For technical sales and innovation projects support in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, please contact Azem, azem@cwpacific.com.

Aileen Gilchrist

Aileen Gilchrist is qualified with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science from Queens University Belfast. She joined CW Pacific in October 2017 as a Technical Sales Representative and has several years’ industry experience in the fields of Research and Development and Quality Assurance in the domestic and overseas market.

Aileen is currently on maternity leave until further notice. While she is away, for an technical sales and innovation project support in NSW and Queensland please contact Nathalie Zanet, nathalie@cwpacific.com